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We are convinced that the work we are committed to will impact generations. Rather by youth investment, or through investments in our community, every dollar and volunteer hour invested will change lives.


Camp Fresno Success

As of 2022, 938 youth have attended one, two or three-day camps at the new Camp Fresno. Campers aged 8 – 17 participated in camps specifically geared to grow their civic engagement, leadership, career readiness and appreciation of the outdoors. Per post camp youth surveys:

  • 74% of youth survey respondents have said their experience at  camp Fresno has improved their mental health.

  • 88% have shared that they have made new friends. 

For more on the impact of Camp Fresno  click the button below.  

Beautify Fresno

Beautify Fresno is a city of Fresno Mayoral initiative aimed at taking back our curb appeal, one block at a time. 

Aside from tree planting, graffiti abatement, tree trimming and street repairs, to date Beautify Fresno has rallied 7,000 volunteers who have removed 71,000 lbs. of trash in 51 locations across our city.

For more information about Beautify Fresno, click the button below. 


One Fresno Zoo Tuesday's

In he Summer of 2021 the One Fresno Foundation partnered with the Fresno Chaffee Zoo to secure and distribute 9,000 tickets through 28 local CBO’s to provide an opportunity for our underserved youth and their families to attend our world class Fresno Chaffee Zoo. 

This experienced has opened the eyes and broadened the horizon for some of our most 

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